Alison Ogier

Birth & Postnatal Doula

Greater London | Essex | Suffolk | Hertfordshire | Norfolk | Cambridgeshire

About Me

Hi I’m Ali and I’m an experienced birth and postnatal Doula recognised with Doula UK since 2013. I cover the South East of England, including all London areas.

I live in Marks Tey, Essex after moving to the UK from Guernsey in 1998. I have four children of my own and two step children raised as my own (all young adults now) so I have a very large, diverse family of which I am very proud.

I am a Chair of Governors; Barnardos Infant feeding volunteer, Mentor and Doula UK Leadership Team member.

I love fund raising; food; music and dancing. I play the clarinet; have a green belt in Judo and can run like the wind! I also have A levels in French and Spanish. I am also a very tiny 4ft 9″ – much to my children’s delight as they are all over 6ft!

What I Do...

Having supported over 300 families, life has taught me that despite being the organised control freak that I am, not all things are meant to be controlled. Pregnancy, childbirth and the journey of parenthood are among them.

I believe that everyone should be empowered to make each birth experience their own, that they should have the emotional and physical support they need whether they are geographically close to their immediate family or not; married or single; younger or older than “average”; first or fifth baby, living a comfortable lifestyle or on a budget… it really doesn’t matter and my rates reflect this.

A Doula is not a luxury and you don’t need a fortune to hire one!

I will tailor myself and what I bring with me to each family depending on what their needs are. That may range from collating antenatal information in order for each family to make informed decisions; having a hand to hold or using some of the homeopathic remedies that I have for childbirth. Sometimes families just want some emotional and practical help postnatally. I am a non judgemental presence in your home or hospital to help you on your parenting journey. I also have birthing pools, TENs machines, rebozo, birth stool and various books, CDs and DVDs. Normally, a few kind words and plenty of laughter are the way forward!

How does it work...

Call me on 07983 427871 or email to arrange a free, no obligation introductory meeting. This can be via Zoom / Whatsapp or in person and at your convenience.



I have had a wide range of life, pregnancy and birth experiences – including breech presentation; emergency caesarean section, PPROM, premature births, time in SCBU, surviving abuse, combatting post natal depression, loss, VBAC, breast and bottle feeding.

I have supported single mums, loving couples – (same sex couples / trans men and women included), VBAC’s, breech birth, twins and triplets, have mental health experience and have supported through loss, IVF, surrogacy and adoption. I also regularly support refugees, victims of abuse and trafficking in a volunteer capacity.

I bring the doula model of care to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy and birth experiences, including IVF, adoption, surrogacy, miscarriage, stillbirth and termination.


As well as home births, I have also worked in:


"Alison was an energetic bundle of positivity from the moment we met her and she gives wonderful massages." R & S
"Having Alison’s support was invaluable to us both. She was an unobtrusive but reassuring and constantly supportive presence." H & B
"Would hope that all women... had an amazing Doula like you." R & R
"Ali was fantastic – a huge help, a lovely woman. Exactly what was needed." R & R
"Thank you so much for your support along the way. You’re an amazing person and I’m so glad to have met you." G